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Faded Coral leather belt, Gold-plated buckle, Rugby facing Palladium-plated

Faded Coral leather belt, Gold-plated buckle, Rugby facing Palladium-plated

€210.00 Regular Price
€105.00Sale Price

Our belts are fully lined "full grain" leather, saddle stitch seams with hand dyed edges. Each belt is independent from the buckle, to allow you to associate your sets according to your desires. All our belts are 32mm wide and sold separately to better match our color schemes to your outfits. Gold or Palladium plated buckle, Gold or Palladium plated buckle facing.

Our full grain belts and our customizable belt buckles are created to bring you an exceptional style and excellence. Your buckles and belts will no longer be simple accessories but will become real jewels. The leathers are carefully selected to perfectly match our outfits. Belt for men and belt for women, you will find among our references, the belt that will suit you perfectly. Respectful of the traditions of French leather goods, all our belts assembled by hand in France are slightly curved, lined and tinted on the edge. But our products are also innovative. For the first time, you can change your belt buckle facings to bring your personal touch and be in tune with the moment, your silhouette, and your desire. All of our belts are 35mm wide, and lengths range from 70cm to 120cm, so everyone can enjoy them. Our belt buckles are gold or palladium plated. The facings are also either gold or palladium plated, or decorated with high quality patterns and paints. Whether you're looking for a belt buckle that references your favorite sport or a trendy belt buckle, we've got you covered. Stand out, create your style, become unique! Over time, the leather of your belts will take on a beautiful patina, you will not have to apply any particular maintenance to them. You will find among our belt buckle facings the following themes: - Sports: Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Rugby - Fashion: Royal Blue, Emerald, Turquoise, Passion Red, Candy Yellow, Violet, Smooth, Zebra, Tiger, Leopard, Fleur de Lys The colors of our available belts are as follows: Black, Faded Coral, Grained Coral, Mouse Grey, Elephant Grey, Anthracite Grey, Bright Red, Faded Beige, Royal Blue, Cognac Brown

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