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The site offers a wide choice of leather belts, belt buckles, bracelets, and accessories  


Each belt is made individualy in our workshops in a traditional way. We take great care in making a belt for you, which you buy to suit you.

VIV-FRANCE brings you foremostly, the guarantee of quality work, know-how and reliability.  

Our leather workshops, certified EPV "Living Heritage Company", bring you all their experience and professional skills in leatherwork.

VIV-FRANCE  undertakes to only use your email address for internal purposes. Your personal data will in no case be sold or entrusted to other companies which could make use of it that you did not wish.

The products offered for sale on the Site also comply with the requirements of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) aimed at ensuring that international trade in specimens of animals and wild plants do not threaten the survival of the species to which they belong.

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