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VIV France offers you exceptional belts combining luxury and quality from French leather goods

Our full grain belts and our customizable belt buckles are created to bring you an exceptional style and excellence. Your buckles and belts will no longer be simple accessories but will become real jewels. The leathers are carefully selected to perfectly match our outfits. Belt for men and belt for women, you will find among our references, the belt that will suit you perfectly. Respectful of the traditions of French leather goods, all our belts assembled by hand in France are lined and tinted on the edge. But our products are also innovative. For the first time, you can change your belt buckle facings to bring your personal touch and be in tune with the moment, your silhouette, and your desire. All of our belts are 35mm wide, and lengths rage from 70cm to 120cm, so everyone can enjoy them. Our belt buckles are gold or palladium plated. The facings are also either gold or palladium plated, or decorated with high quality patterns and paints. Whether you are looking for a belt buckle referring to your favorite sport (Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Football), or a trendy belt buckle, we meet all your needs. Stand out, create your style, become unique! Over time, the leather of your belts will take on a beautiful patina, you will not have to apply any particular maintenance to them.

ceinture de luxe pour homme et femme



Nos ceintures et boucles de ceinture sont de véritables bijoux.  Un Design unique, des matières nobles, nous réunissons le meilleur pour vous offrir des produits d'exception. 

Plaqué Or 18k ou Palladium, les boucles et parements de boucle apporteront la touche finale à votre look. 

Nos ceintures, en cuir pleine fleur, fabriquées à la main en France, sont doublées et teintées sur la tranche selon les meilleures traditions de la maroquinerie.




For every moment of your life is the right facing for you.

Inspired by sport or fashion, a single buckle, but multiple facing possibilities. 

We are continuously enriching our collections to offer you new trends and new atmospheres suited for you.

nos ceintures en cuir pleine fleur


Choose your belts to have the perfect color to match your outfits .  

Be eco-responsible by changing only what is necessary.

Are your  buckles right for you? keep them and only change your belts. Every gesture counts!

ensemble de ceinture.JPG
image de client Kris S.

 Kris, S.

I'm so happy ! She is beautiful, and the result is superb! I will continue with new facings!

image du client lucie B.

Lucie, B.

Gorgeous ! Really happy ! Now I will order other facings to complete my look!

Image du client Mickael

Mickael, P.

Perfect belt! She's so beautiful ! A big thank-you !

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